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19 Insoles 

Social Media Marketing 

Man running in insoles

Providing Comfort Through Insoles 


Where Comfort is Comfortable

19Insoles is a brand that caters to a niche category of audience and targets them through their extensive product line including a variety of shoe inserts or in-soles. Their aim being, to minimise discomfort caused due to improper footwear and to promote general healthy fitness habits.


Our Process in Practice 

Slideck worked with 19Insoles to handle their social media presence. This work required extensive industry research and understanding of the product. Slideck delivered social media posts and engaging story content as well as social media account management services to 19Insoles

19 Insoles Social Media Post 1
19 Insoles Social Media Post 1
19 Insoles Social Media Post 4
19 Insoles Social Media Post 2
19 Insoles Social Media Post 5
19 Insoles Social Media Post 3
19 Insoles Social Media Post 6

Brand Positioning  

Brand Positioning and Targeting the Correct Audience remained the most crucial part of this process. For which our team had done thorough research as to how we can launch 19Insoles in the market. Today, 19Insoles has successfully built a community of fitness enthusiasts who regularly engage and communicate with the brand

Compelling Visuals

Making the products look appealing to the target audience is as important as creating engaging content. Slideck’s design team worked hard on designing social media posts that created a recall effect for the brand. Real-time product images were used to create compelling visuals that complemented the entire brand image of 19Insoles

19 Insoles Social Media Carousel Posts

Engaging Content 

To get people excited and talking about shoe inserts; Slideck needed to keep the content as engaging as possible. Stagnant and dull posts were avoided and different forms of contents were tried and tested to see which one works the best. Finally, a friendly, welcoming and informal style of content was adopted along with extensive use of Moment Marketing.

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