Website Development in Mumbai

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We help you grow your brand with our wide range of services right from designing investor pitch decks to your social media marketing

Slideck Website Development in Mumbai

Website Development 

We, at Slideck, want your business story to be heard! Our website development services help you tell your story better; be it your personal branding website or an e-commerce website, we have fresh designs and far-reaching content for all! 

SEO-friendly website

Web hosting and Domain registration

Responsive and Brand-relevant designs

Website Content Writing

Blog Creation 

Use Cases

Online Presence 

A professional website gives your business a digital presence and keeps you relevant amongst your industry


A professional and responsive website adds credibility to your business and helps you gain your customer’s trust

Growth Opportunity 

Websites are a great marketing tool! They make you stay relevant amongst your customers and help you attract new audiences

Website Development in Mumbai

Information Exchange

All the latest and upcoming information about your business finds place on your website and you stay in-sync with your audience! 

E-Commerce Store

Online shopping has become an important part of people’s buying patterns. Your website becomes your own personal online store! 

Online Customer Service 

Websites offer prompt and genuine customer service, which in-turn betters and maintains relationships with your customers

Social Media Management

We, at Slideck, want you to promote your brand online. Our social media marketing services assist you in finding your online audience, and in creating quality, fresh and industry-relevant brand content. Be it a small business, or a freelancer or a budding entrepreneur, we can market your services online! 

Relevant and Witty Content 

Customised Marketing Plan

Ad Creation and Ad Promotion

Marketing on all latest platforms 

Video Animation 

Social Media Marketing in Mumbai

Use Cases

Brand Awareness

Slideck can create brand awareness in the digital arena for you. Customer retention and lead generation is easier with social media marketing 

Build Relationship

Engaging posts and content are the key to winning your audience’s attention! Social Media is a platform for you to build lasting relationships with them

Growth Opportunity 

Promoting your business on social media has been the most preferred marketing channel. It creates tremendous growth opportunities!

Creating engaging content and posting at regular intervals helps you stay relevant on your customer’s feed, and retains customers!

Customer Retention

Ads Platform

Products and services promoted online, with witty and captivating ads! Social media is the best ads platform in this new-age world! 

Cost Effective

Social Media Marketing has high ROI. Make the most out of your marketing budget and tap into the power of digital marketing

Presentation Design in Mumbai

Presentation Creation 

We, at Slideck, make presentations interesting! Our presentation creation services make sure your slide decks are simply the best. With our know-how of infographics, colour schemes, font styles and visually appealing designs, we revamp your deck to create an impactful impression

Researched and Up-to-date content 

Powerpoint animations 

Use of Infographics and Charts

Original design ideas

Appealing colour schemes

Use Cases

Presentation Design in Mumbai

Slideck helps educators create and design interesting and visually interesting presentations. Conducting online lectures gets easy! 


Product Portfolio 

We help companies create crisp and comprehensive product portfolios that are easy to understand and to share with interested buyers

Data Presentation

Your quarterly office meetings made easier! Presentations are a great tool to review and analyse large amounts of data

Email Marketing 

We at Slideck, can create engaging emails! Our email marketing services make use of mailing platforms to the best of your advantage. Email marketing is a preferred tool to inform your customers of company updates, new products launches, discount sales and much more. 

Branded Emails

Regular Timeline

Custom Designed Emails

Curated Content



If your business is seeking out funding, your investor pitch deck is your most important tool. We make sure your pitch deck represents your brand perfectly 


Attention office-goers! We design professional presentations that are clean, de-cluttered and to the point!

Student Projects 

Slideck is here to ease your stress when it comes to meeting project deadlines! We help students with their college presentations

Website Development in Mumbai

Use Cases

Brand Awareness 

Email Marketing creates brand awareness and helps you stay in touch with your subscribers

Build Relationship

Email Marketing is a great way to engage with your customers that in turn helps you build relationships with them

Growth Opportunity 

Promotional emails can create a top-of the mind effect for your viewers and become a growth opportunity for your brand

Maintaining customer relationships is much more easier when you are in constant touch with your consumer

Stay In Touch 

Reach More Customer 

Email marketing is a simple yet effective way to get the word out to all of your customers simultaneously

Ease Of Use 

You can use an existing email to implement Email marketing tool for your brand! It is as simple as it gets

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