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19 Insoles

Website Development & Social Media Marketing 

Man running with Insoles

Providing Comfort Through Insoles 


Where Comfort is Comfortable

19Insoles is a brand that caters to a niche category of audience and targets them through their extensive product line including a variety of shoe inserts or in-soles. Their aim being, to minimise discomfort caused due to improper footwear and to promote general healthy fitness habits. 


Our Process in Practice 

Slideck worked with 19Insoles to handle their social media presence. This work required extensive industry research and understanding of the product. Slideck delivered social media posts and engaging story content as well as social media account management services to 19Insoles

Why Insoles Web Design

Appealing Animation

Animations stand to be one of the most important aspects while designing websites. Similarly, for 19Insoles, we had to make sure we use animations cleverly and in an appealing manner, being careful about not overdoing it. Hence animations that showcased mobility and easy feet movements were extremely crucial and were at the base of our design structure 

19 Insoles Product Page Web Design
Whatsapp Integration with 19 Insoles Website

Whatsapp Integration 

For 19Insoles who were very specific that they didn't want a e-commerce website, our aim for them was to integrate Whatsapp with their website in such a way that when customers wished to purchase the products, they were automatically redirected to 19Insoles’s Whatsapp Business account 

Brand Communication

The brand 19Insoles needed to be communicated everywhere, mainly for their website. Brand communication was effectively done using their brand colours as the primary website colours and using their brand language to put ideas into words. The About Us page played a huge role in communicating the brand, as well as bringing awareness about the creation of the logo 

Brand Identity For 19 Insoles
19 Insoles Brand Communication
19 Insoles Landing Page
Home Page Web Design for 19 Insoles
19 Insoles Testimonials Website Design
Lightbox for Subscription for 19 Insoles
19 Insoles Footer Web Design

Mobile Friendly 

To target customers that would be viewing the website through their Mobile Browsers, we made sure the website was created and designed to be Mobile Friendly or Mobile Optimised. This included focusing on the layout, and prioritising content in such a way that would attract the viewers and encourage them to know more about the brand. 

Optimum User Experience

Important Call To Action ( CTA ) buttons were strategically placed in order to improve the overall customer experience. Presenting the products, and making sure that all the information provided on the website was up-to-date also helped us create a user-friendly website. Lastly, we made sure to keep the website active through regular blogs and articles that would interest the community. 

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