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Social Media Marketing 

Empowering Women

Empowering Women To Reach Greater Heights


Empowering And Uplifting Lives 

Streebal is a woman-led foundation that focuses on women empowerment and the upliftment of women through conducting professional self-defence courses of women of all age groups, as well as children. The aim of Streebal is to empower women to be able to protect themselves and to create awareness about the importance of self-defence.


Our Process in Practice 

Slideck had the distinguished opportunity to work with Streebal Foundation to build their brand online and create their online presence. Slideck delivered social media posts, promotional ads, interactive stories and engaging reel content to Streebal. Slideck also made sure Streebal Foundation was able to connect with similar foundations on LinkedIn and interacting with resourceful personalities.

Brand Identity and Voice

As a foundation, Streebal needed to have a strong and prominent brand voice in order to gain the trust and confidence of its target audience; women. Touching taboo topics and speaking openly about several issues on social media helped Streebal position themselves. Team Slideck did extensive research in order to understand the need for self-defence and to comprehend the statistics that represented gender inequality.

Streebal Self Defense Social Media Post
Streebal Personal Touch Social Media Post

Human Element

Another factor that helps foundations like these gain the trust of their audience is to have a face to the brand. A strong, charming and impactful personality would resonate with the brand voice and add value to its cause. Streebal’s founder; Vaishali Dhoot is the face of Streebal Foundation; her passion for empowering women through self-defence is not only motivating but also captivating. Using visuals that included Vaishali Dhoot helped the audience interact better and trust Streebal Foundation.

Community Useful Content

Alongside content that encouraged people to speak more openly about taboo topics, Slideck’s content team also made sure to include content that focused around the general well-being of women. The sole aim of promoting this type of content was to build a community of women and to make the brand more women-centric. Several self-defence tricks & tips were also shared to generate community useful content.

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