Website Design in Mumbai

Some of 

Our Finest Work

Looking to develop a website ?Here are a few tailor-made design samples for you to get an idea of ‘What your website could look like?’

If you’re a Fitness Trainer,

here’s what your website could look like

Website Design in Mumbai

Share your fitness journey

If you’re a fitness trainer, the question is, ‘How do you attract your clients through your website?’. Slideck curates a website according to your needs and enables you to share your fitness journey with fitness enthusiasts everywhere!

Website Design in Mumbai

Offer Fitness Plans

Your website enables you to share various fitness plans with your clients. Slideck designs websites that can present these fitness plans in an attractive and comprehensive manner

Push Your Business Further 

Sell Online Service 

Connect with your clients online and experience a whole new level of online fitness training!

Mobile Optimised 

Take your service with you wherever you go! We create websites that are optimal for all types of screens

Online Bookings 

Enjoy ease of booking online sessions through your website with a verified and safe payment gateway! 

If you’re an Interior Designer,

here’s a sample blueprint of your website! 

A design for your plans

We, at Slideck want your website to complement your design style. Your website could showcase your designs and open a window to your work ethic and aesthetic!

Website Design in Mumbai
Website Design in Mumbai

Your finest works

Your website is your one-stop platform to showcase your services and your works to your clients! Attract new clientele with your work and boost your business with Slideck

Build Your Online Presence

Go Online

Developing your official website is the perfect way to take your work online and to start building an online presence

Introduce Your Team 

Introduce the brains behind your fabulous work on your website and win your client’s trust

Schedule Appointments

Stay organised and up-to-date with features that let your schedule appointments and arrange team meetings; all on your website!

Get Your Own Online Store

Enhance your website’s user experience and take your services to the next level with your own personal online store. Get the perfect gallery to showcase your products and redefine the ease of shopping online

Website Design in Mumbai

Product Listing

Website Design in Mumbai

Secure Payment Solutions

Worried about fraudulent transactions? Worry no more! We equip your website with a trusted and verified payment gateway. The only thing your customers need to worry about is what colour of chair they’re going to pick

Sell Your Products Anywhere

Multichannel Sales

Sell your products across various channels and create an omnipresent brand appeal with your online web store

Store Analytics

Understand your customers’ buying behaviours in-order to offer them better services with the Store Analytics feature

SEO - Optimized Store 

Be on the top of your customers’ search with an SEO-optimised website and an SEO-optimised web store

We can develop a website for you.

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