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The Design Story 

Website Development 

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Modern Interior Design Studio


Renewing Homes 

The Design Story is an interior designing company run by a design student and enthusiast, Saloni Makwana. Saloni’s aim is to up-cycle the existing furniture in people’s houses and give them a brand new look with her broad designing knowledge. The Design Story is her brainchild and she has worked on numerous projects in and around Mumbai and now wishes to expand her business throughout India. 


Our Process in Practice 

Slideck was given the opportunity to create a website for The Design Story. Our aim was to not simply make a landing page for The Design Story but rather create an interactive website that would convert viewers into customers. Saloni’s aim was to also make it easier for customers to place queries through the website.

TDS About Us Page Website Design
TDS Homepage Web Design

Minimalistic Approach

Saloni’s vision of design was minimalism. And hence, we had to make sure we bring out her design style through her website; for which we kept the website highly minimalistic and employed a clean and crisp design approach. Simple transitions and easy animations were used in the making of the website which complimented our design approach. 

Brand Design 

Based on the colours given in the logo, our aim was to create a fluid design pattern that would integrate both the website; and the logo. The branding aspects that we made sure were the style of the fonts used, the primary and secondary colours employed and the overall icons and vectors added to the design. All of them came together, to create a design that aligned with the founder’s vision. 

Brand Voice 

We wanted the design to speak for itself and thus, our aim was to minimise the use of content and to amplify the designs and visuals. We also paid attention to minute details such as the navigation and the functionality of the website. 

TDS Web Design Background
TDS Homepage Web Design
Mobile optimised Web Design
TDS About Section Web Design
Why Choose Us Design
TDS Web Design Snapshots

Mobile Optimized Website

To make it easier for our viewers viewing the website from a mobile browser, we created a Mobile Optimised website that was easy to navigate and use. The layout of the desktop website was changed to fit the mobile screen and to enhance user experience. 

Enhanced Online Presence

With the launch of The Design Story’s website, the company had added another platform to its online handles. It made it easier for its customers to find the business online and easier for the brand to be seen by a larger audience.

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