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Refreshing, Delicious and Healthy

Freshpress Juices has a prominent presence in the fresh juices vertical in Mumbai. The company targets groups of individuals who are fitness motivated and regularly indulge in healthy smoothies and the likes. The company aims to grow their mark in the city through increasing juice stalls, pop-ups, stores and home-delivery model.


Our Process in Practice 

Slideck had the opportunity to work with FreshPress with regards to their social media and helping them position their brand in the market and creating a brand identity that would resonate amongst their audience. Slideck delivered professionally designed posts, videos, reels and promotional ads to FreshPress

Orange Abstract Background
Freshpress Social Media Pun Post
Freshpress Summer Promotion Post
Social Media Trend Post
Freshpress Mango Pun Post
Social Media Informational Post
Freshpress Infographic Social Media Post

Brand Identity 

Creating a strong brand identity remained a crucial part of the entire project. Along with attracting customers through appealing visuals, it was equally important for Team Slideck to shape FreshPress’s online identity. Today, customers resonate with FreshPress as a brand that is health-focused, creative and out of the box. 

Compelling Visuals 

Being in the food vertical, it was important that Slideck understood colour theory in order to deliver visuals and designs that would attract the audience and create a brand language. Taking product images and transforming them into different content types

Creative Approach

The food vertical already being crowded by several brands and vendors, it was necessary that as a brand, FreshPress came across as creative and maintained a ‘more-than-the-ordinary’ approach. Slideck experimented across internet trends and used Moment Marketing extensively to showcase their creative side

Freshpress Carousal Social Media Post

Engaging Content 

If you’re a fitness trainer, the question is, ‘How do you attract your clients through your website?’. Slideck curates a website according to your needs and enables you to share your fitness journey with fitness enthusiasts everywhere!

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