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Social Media Marketing 

Empowering Local Commerce

Empowering Local Commerce 


Ecommerce for Small Businesses

Chatshop is a community building app that encourages and uplifts small business owners and entrepreneurs. Through its online platform, it brings on-board micro-creators and small business owners to sell their products to a larger audience. Chatshop aims at building a community of small business owners through social media platforms and helping them reach a huge number of audience through their app.


Our Process in Practice 

Slideck worked with Chatshop to build their social media presence and create content that engaged small business owners and encouraged consumers to buy local. Throughout the project, the most important factor remained attracting small business owners to get onboard with the app and secondly motivating our audience to switch to local homegrown brands.

Personal Touch 

The focus of the social media team was to create mass-consumption content but with a personalised feel. In order to achieve a sense of personal touch, we tried to relate everyday moments of life with the aim of ChatShop. Team Slideck also focused on creating personalised posts for small business owners and focusing on their journey. 

Ablelo Social Media Post

Community Creation

The aim of ChatShop is to create a community of small business owners where each small business owner supports and buy from the other and vice versa. This required making our audience feel like they’re a part of something while they transition to local homegrown brands. Friendly and welcoming brand language stood as the most important characteristic alongside relatable memes.


During the period of our collaboration, Chatshop gave us the opportunity to relaunch their brand and rebrand their image. This included using more appealing and attractive colours, whereas also redefining their marketing goals and marketing strategy.

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